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The Feline Fine Symphony

I can offer no real justification for this video. But then, do you need one?


Honor. Glory. Fantasia

You know how much I love Fantasia, right? Like, really love it? A lot? Okay, now that we’ve established a baseline, HOW COOL IS THIS?!

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Here’s more info on the video game in question, Fantasia: Music Evolved.

On a completely different and much less impressive note, I would now like to do something I haven’t done in quite some time: award a Medal of Violar. Tom Sharpe has been commenting on posts with his own puns, quips, and bad jokes, and that’s the kind of can-do spirit we here at Ain’t Baroque like to see. And we here at Ain’t Baroque consists of a girl and two cats who are also girls, so you know we’re hard to impress. Mr. Sharpe, please let me know how you would like your medal engraved, which is to say, how you’d like to be listed on the Medal of Violar page.

An elephant never forgets how to play the piano

If only Saint-Saens had seen this. Carnival of the Animals could have been so much more LITERAL.

When the tuba is wearing a bowler hat, you know you’re in a good place

Is that a piccolo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Easy (for you to say)

You know, Mr. Itzhak mothereffin’ Perlman, some things that are easy for you are hard for me.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my leitmotif

Only secret squadron members who have decoders can decode them.

Me me me me (Carmen)

Um… hi. So… sorry about the whole going AWOL without notice thing last week. I was at a conference and had planned to throw you music jokes all week, but the work laptop I was given was so wildly ancient and ponderous to work with I just said the hell with it and went back to sulking about the San Francisco weather. Which is cold. If you didn’t know. Thanks to Matthew Hodge for rescuing me from what might have otherwise been a very lonely existence at the Wordfly party!

Anyway. Right. Apologies. Here’s a video to make it up to you. I think you’ll find it sufficient.

Robotic opera

Did I say the machines would never replace us? Oh, well, I suppose even I can be wrong sometimes.

Last week I bought myself a t-shirt that says “NERD” in giant letters across the front. It seemed only right.

“The whole world wide web? Is there a way to put this on just the American part?”

notmondayvideoSomething never before seen on the internet: Culture! Morality! And PATRIOTISM.

You may proceed.

Sam Eagle is totally my favorite Muppet.

Won’t anyone write a piece in Howl?

It’s really sad when composers ignore instruments like this.