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Swooping is bad

Look guys, I’m sorry, but Dragon Age II comes out today and I don’t have time to do anything except bounce up and down in anticipation of my lunch break, when I can run over to GameStop and pick up my reserved copy. So clearly I’m way too busy for you.

Ummmm… here’s a bonus viola joke.

Q. What’s the difference between a chainsaw and a viola?

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Bassoon-o continuo

I apologize for the terrible pun. Wait, what am I saying? No I don’t!

The faithful know that rather than fully abandon you in that free week between Christmas and New Year’s I put up links to “greatest hits” on Twitter and Facebook (click either to see those posts). The last one I put up was the one with the bassoon ensemble performing a medley of Lady Gaga songs and, like its first performance, the encore was an enormous hit. From this I can only conclude that you people dig wacky bassoon videos. Well, ask and ye shall receive.

(Of course points are awarded to the ever-stalwart Dr. Carney for sharing multiple crazy bassoon videos.)

Here be dragons

I know, I know, I know. I promised you your first gift guide post on Friday and failed to deliver. I’m trying to collect everything in one convenient list and it’s being more annoying than I anticipated. That, and I’ve been busy. That, and I LOVE DRAGON AGE. Here, learn all about its music!

Two things about this jump out at me: one, composing this soundtrack seems to have been a lot like composing an opera, with the themes and motifs that correspond to particular places and characters. Two, “A scene would go from flat or comic to really engaging me.” Power of music in a nutshell, y/y?

This is what fascinates me about soundtracks as a subgenre; if you could hook me up with such a composer for an interview, please let me know.

You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too

Ladies and gentlemen, today Ain’t Baroque is one full year old! I’m at a conference this week and my Halloween post is time-sensitive, so I’ve postponed some of the celebratory new stuff till next week. In the meantime, though, run to the store and buy some cake and ice cream and then feast your eyes on these one-year stats:

  • This is Ain’t Baroque’s 304th post.
  • As of this writing, there have been 301 comments.
  • There have been 13,027 hits.
  • The busiest day so far is August 27, 2010, which garnered 1,126 views (mostly due to a rash of StumbleUpon hits for the day’s post).
  • Not surprisingly therefore, the top referrer is StumbleUpon, followed by Twitter and Alpha Inventions.
  • The top search term that leads people here is “funny kittens.” Look, I don’t know. LOL Friday is powerful.
  • The top post, not including the home page, is “Schooled!” Wouldn’t be my top pick, but whatever floats your collective boat.

So in other words, Ain’t Baroque is still a baby. But for starters, nifty, huh?

(But where is the cake? I was told there would be cake. The cake is a lie!)

In which it is proven that one can be simultaneously the best and the worst

Hey, remember my post on Wii Music? Well, this is what that sucker can do!

Jealous? Says someone in the comments, “In other words they’re the best orchestra ever; they can fully follow the conducting.” Chilling thought, eh, conductors?

Wii Orchestra? WHEE! Orchestra!

How could I have not known about this?!

So I was at my parents’ house this weekend, and I came upon an old stack of my brother’s Electronic Gaming Monthly magazines. I just bought an Xbox 360 (mostly for the Netflix capabilities, but have you played Limbo yet? I got past the giant one-legged spider, but I cannot figure out the pulley system!), so I decided to flip through a few for a retrospective. I found it inside a volume from 2005: Wii Orchestra.

I know! I know! It’s an orchestra video game! EGM described it as little more than “conducting” a simulated cartoon orchestra by waving your arms around, but looking it up today I find it has evolved into so much more. For starters, we now have Wii Music, and you use these:

The conductor’s baton looks like a dental implement. And that must be one of those 1/4 cellos. And check out that bow! I just… I have not the words. I especially have not the words for the flute. I knew I should’ve gotten a Wii.

Has anyone played this game? What is it like?

Pizz for Pong

A day late, but not a buck short because no one gets paid around here.