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Victor Borge

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“The only opera on earth that comes in the giant economy package”

Holy bejeezus, guys! Turns out I know the prelude to Das Rheingold!

I know, I know, that’s THREE videos down there, which is, oh, one hell of a time commitment, but seriously, guys, watch it. I was showing my parents some Victor Borge clips I’d found last night, and they told me about Anna Russell, and I looked this up and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that’s all I’m saying, y’know? And by the way, she’s your aunt.


“When Fozzie the Bear called me from London…”

Here we have Victor Borge on The Muppet Show, performing a sonata by the Spanish composer, L. Beethoven.

Always phrase your requests carefully

I can’t believe this method of page-turning never took off.