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If you haven’t figured out I’m a dork by now…

Say, when’s the last time I totally geeked out on you guys? Let me check… why, not since May! So we’re well past due.

To fulfill the quota, here’s the opening theme to Star Trek: Voyager, composed by no less a luminary than Jerry Goldsmith. And to make it even more legit, here’s a story: I took some lessons with an accomplished violinist who was a Voyager fan. Whenever he watched the show, his father would come in, sit for the theme, and then leave. He just really loved the opening. And why not? It’s sweepingly awesome!

“I don’t know why he’s an opera singer”

I’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs lately, and I had to pass this along. And if you have a opera singer friend who wants a part-time job, you should pass this along to them.

The musical geek

I have been accused of being the nerdiest person around, with extra points added for being a nerdy girl. Some people might choose to respond by playing against type. I myself prefer to declare my unabashed and unashamed love for Star Trek: Voyager and post this clip. Fly your freak flag high!

A great big squash just sat upon my hat!

And now it’s time for Classy Songs with Larry.

Fun fact: this  piece of music once cost Richard Strauss a Whole Bunch of Money. “Funiculi, Funicula” was written by Luigi Denza in 1880, but when Strauss heard it, he assumed it had to be an old, traditional Italian folk tune. So he went ahead and wrote it into his Aus Italien and, naturally, Denza sued. And won royalties! But apparently Schoenberg got to use it for a string quartet scot-free; how’s that for favoritism?

You mean his NAME is Music and he WRITES music?!

What are the odds!

Also surprising: Mozart, Saint-Saens, Liszt, and Corigliano apparently all watched Sesame Street.

“Pull that piano crap on me? Please!”

Did you know? Your piano can double as a burglar alarm. Maybe you should install one in your car.