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It would’ve lured ME

Man, this horse is WEIRD. I mean, he’d rather have Mawzart over Beet-hoven? What the hell kind of farce is this?


“You can tell a lot about the plot just by listening to the opening music”

“There’s a nutter around here somewhere.” It isn’t me, is it?

“When Fozzie the Bear called me from London…”

Here we have Victor Borge on The Muppet Show, performing a sonata by the Spanish composer, L. Beethoven.


In a word: YES.

A symphony of voices

Ah, music. It’s so expressive. Especially the Romantic period, you know?

“I now think of myself as an amateur Pavorotti”

I searched YouTube for “Frasier opera” in the hopes of locating some clips of that episode with Patrick Stewart when multiple people may or may not be gay and/or on the opera board and they talk smack about Philip Glass. What I found instead was this.

One question still remains: does he know the Mistake Guy?

Also known as The Day of Madness

Okay, this video is a week late. I thought a clip from the 1995 version (which is to say the only version that counts) of Pride and Prejudice would be quite thematically appropriate for the week of Valentine’s Day, and then I promptly forgot it was the week of Valentine’s Day. Today is, of course, President’s Day, but the vibe isn’t quite the same.

Well, I suppose they can’t all be winners. Here’s a vaguely romantic video for no reason at all, in which Miss Elizabeth Bennet sings Mozart’s “Voi che sapete” and then explains the importance of faking it. Truly advice for all seasons.

“You, sir, are a worthless peon, and you will always be a worthless peon!”

This is Ted’s band, the Worthless Peons. They’re made up of people from different departments of Scrubs‘ Sacred Heart hospital. I want to strongly encourage each and every one of you to form your own work-based a capella groups, and then I want you to corner people in elevators with your song. Make sure you send me the video — I do love to laugh.

Composer Cagematch! Round 2: Mahler vs. Brahms

Does anyone have a video clip of that scene from “How I Met Your Mother” where Ted brings in a string quartet of completely blue instruments? I wanted to post that yesterday, but I couldn’t find it and then I said “Hell, it’s a holiday” and wandered off to watch more episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.” I have resisted its siren call for all its years on network television, but it popped up on Netflix and now I’m hooked. Curse you, instant queue! (I love you, instant queue.)

If you can believe it, it is time to discuss a matter even more dire. Kids, let’s talk about how hard it’s getting to pair composers for a cagematch in round 2. To whit: it is getting REALLY HARD.

This is one of the last pairings that make some semblance of sense to me. Enjoy it, because it won’t last.

What of last match, you say? Well, despite strong backing from @CMcGo, Saint-Saens came up just short of catching Grieg. Which is unexpected, to say the least. Was it the French thing? McGo says it was the French thing.

And now, in this corner, not even Kenneth Woods could save Schumann from his wrath! It’s


And in this corner, he sent Wagner packing for Valhalla! It’s



* Ben Meyers? Anyone? Anyone? We already established that Brahms = Jesse Spencer.

Enter and sign in, please

Mr. Ozawa is self-employed and deals in a service.

Also, it’s weird to see him on TV without penguins.