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IMPORTANT! Addendum to yesterday’s contest post

Hi guys! So, I’m afraid I’m going to have to make a tweak to my contest from Tuesday (check it out here). Turns out that a lot of you are subscribing via the RSS feed, and I’m having trouble getting access to the list. Therefore, I’m going to have to make this change, which I’m going to render in large type so that you don’t miss it:

In order to be entered in the contest, you MUST reply with your email address or WordPress ID to either this post or Tuesday’s contest post. This applies to EVERYONE.

Because of this issue, I’m extending the double-entry option to tomorrow, Friday, at midnight. Subscribe and post before then and you’ll be entered twice! After that, you’ll be entered once, but regardless, you MUST comment on either this post or Tuesday’s contest post. I know I’m getting redundant, but I just want everyone to be absolutely clear. Remember, the contest closes on June 21 EXTENDED! JUNE 24 at midnight, so subscribe and comment before then to enter to win an adorable prize!

Sorry about that list minute addition, guys! But you’re all subscribers, so I’m sure you’ll see this. 😉

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the contest here.

All right! Who’s ready to win something?

It’s about time we had a contest around these parts, don’t you think?

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was nearing 100 blog followers; I originally conceived this as a push to make that number. But, uh, I already got to 101. So we’re going to do things just a bit differently.

But first! What exquisite prize is up for grabs? Oh, just an ORIGINAL, SIGNED ARTWORK:

EroicatClick to enlarge

This is not a print. This is a hand-drawn, hand-painted piece entitled – wait for it – Eroicat! Why wander around merely saying you love Beethoven when this beautiful, clever bit of art can do it for you? (Yes, that’s a real snippet of Eroica up top.) Suitable for framing, it would look smashing in your music room or studio.

Bone up on your Symphony No. 3, then lean in, because I’m going to tell you how you can lay claim to the crown this amazing painting:

  1. Subscribe to this blog.
  2. ?????
  3. PROFIT!

Okay, that’s not QUITE everything. Here are some additional notes:

  • You have until TOMORROW NIGHT (JUNE 19) AT MIDNIGHT to subscribe to the blog and be eligible for TWO entries (see below).
  • You have until MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY, JUNE 21 to subscribe to the blog and be eligible for ONE entry.
  • How can you be eligible for two entries? Simple! I think it’s unfair when a contest is only open to new subscribers; if you’ve been a loyal reader for awhile, why should you be punished for being ahead of the game? However, there might be subscribers out there who, for whatever reason, don’t, y’know, actually read the blog. So, if you’re a current subscriber or subscribe by the June 19 midnight deadline above, you can garner TWO contest entries simply by replying to this entry with your email address or WordPress ID for confirmation (so make sure you use the one you’re subscribed under).

Got it? Okay! Don’t have it? Feel free to ask me questions! Contest is open to everyone, everywhere, but any winner outside of the continental U.S. may be asked to pay their own shipping (sorry, guys, but that sucker’s a bit pricey). There’s no age minimum – or maximum, for that matter – but if you’re under 18 make sure you check with your parents that it’s okay to enter and such. All usual additional contest rules apply.

Incidentally, if you’re in love with that kitty image (and why wouldn’t you be?), the artist does sell additional works, both pre-made and commissioned. Check out her tumblr for more info. You can also contact her via email here.