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A howling good musician

I don’t understand why those chihuahuas won’t join in the chorus.

The thingamabob that does the job is bibbidi bobbidi boo

All riiiiiiiiight! It’s time once again for my absolute favorite kind of post – the WALT DISNEY WORLD PHOTO RECAP!

I’m sure you recall that a mere few weeks ago I was traipsing about the most magical place on earth, being thoroughly happy to be alive. I tweeted merrily along the entire way, so you can read back through that if you like – there are some additional pictures to be had in that way. Below is the main collection, and as always, I put a distinct emphasis on music related shots, but I’ve decided to throw a fair number of just-because-I-feel-like-it pics too. Because who doesn’t want to maximize the amount of WDW in their lives? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.

For example, allow me to clue you in on step one of successful Disney packing: do NOT tell your cat you’re doing it.


Okay, let’s get down to the music business. Have I mentioned me debilitating addiction to The Festival of the Lion King? It’s madness. I can’t go without it. Also a monkey acrobat rapped me on the forehead.



Speaking of musical productions, here’s the one for Finding Nemo! The puppets are incredibly well done.


There are you are, strolling through the Animal Kingdom, minding your own business, when all the sudden you walk straight into a Bollywood dance lesson.


Pianist at the Grand Floridian – very classy.


These colorfully attired individuals perform a song-and-dance routine all the way down Main Street.


IMG_0382 I’ve mentioned this calliope from The Haunted Mansion before, but this is a MUCH better shot of it. Who here plays the squidpipes?


Percussion… strings… winds… WORDS.


Fantasmic includes clips from Mussourgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain!


A piece of historical recording equipment from the Aerosmith Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. I strongly encourage you to click on the larger image and read the label.


Why, this set from the Streets of America almost looks real!


Apropos of very little, we are princesses.


Apropos of even less, this is the most elegant and refined I will ever be. That’s it. I’m tapped out.


This Mission: Space console picture is here just so I can shout FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!


Speaking of fire in the hole, I successfully finished the Princess Half Marathon! My time wasn’t that great (this was tweeted as I went), but hey, done is done! If you’re pondering your own half marathon, I cannot recommend it enough, and it was HIGHLY musical – at mile 2 we had a marching band, at mile 4 a taiko drumming group, at mile 7 an accordion ensemble of all things, and at mile 12 (this is my favorite) a gospel choir. Just to get you to the finish, you know. AWESOME.


This is the happiest girl in the world.


And this is the happiest goat.


Okay, that’s it for now!


A great pianist can come from anywhere

You know how in Ratatouille the big chef guy keeps insisting that anyone can cook, thus allowing for a rat gourmand? Well, it turns out that anyone can play the piano. Hell, I could’ve told you that.

A Concert Roundup My Mom Won’t Like

  • This week, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra wants to ravish you with Rachmaninoff, so get ready for that. Yes, folks, it’s an all-Rachmaninoff program – sorry, Mom! Isle of the Dead, etudes, and his third piano concerto performed by Garrick Ohlsson. January 17 & 20 at the Meyerhoff.  [ See it! ]
  • Or, if you’d rather get just the piano concerto, the BSO is performing another one of their Off the Cuff concerts, wherein in addition to playing the piece you get history, context, and commentary on its creation, form, and place in the musical pantheon from none other than Marin Alsop. January 18 at Strathmore; January 19 the Meyerhoff. [ See it! ]
  • The National Symphony Orchestra returns and counters with its own pianist – Tzimon Barto, and I think it it is fair to say he has one of the coolest names ever – playing the Bartok Piano No. 2 – and I think we can say he’s one of the coolest composers ever. So there’s that. Also Beethoven‘s Egmont Overture and Brahm‘s second symphony. January 17 – 19. [ See it! ]
  • This week at Strathmore: a rock-n-classical string quartet; jazz singers. [ See the calendar! ]

If you’d like your concert included in next week’s roundup, leave a comment or drop me a line.

Concert Roundup Goes to the Movies

Concerts! They’re back!

  • The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra kicks off the second half of the season with another one of those nifty movie combinations – they’ll show the Russian movie Alexander Nevsky while the BSO plays Prokofiev‘s movie score live. January 11 & 13 at the Meyerhoff; January 12 at Strathmore. [ See it! ]
  • The National Symphony Orchestra is too busy wandering around the neighborhood to perform a concert this week.
  • This week at Strathmore: An enormous collection of fiddlers including Alasdair Fraser, pianist George Li, progressive soul vocalist Deborah Bond. [ See the calendar! ]

If you’d like your concert included in next week’s roundup, leave a comment or drop me a line.

Music Gifts: The building blocks of music

Man, those luthiers, am I right? So talented! So painstaking in their work! Crafting such beautiful instruments! Neither you nor anyone you know could ever produce anything so beautiful, right?

WRONG! And what’s more, you can have way greater range!

For the second music gift in my annual series, I present: Nanoblocks! Check these out:

They’re like Legos, only tinier. Way tinier. Tiny enough to allow you to reproduce in tremendous detail not only a violin and a guitar but a piano and a drum as well! This is the perfect gift for a) medium-sized children (not small because of the whole let’s-swallow-this-tiny-thing! small children seem to have hardwired into their brains), 2) geeks (also known as the greatest people you’ll ever know).

There’s an entire set available over at Fab.com for what appears to be a sale price of $41. You can also find a few dealers on Amazon selling the set or individuals (that link only shows the piano available solo, but I’ve seen with my own eyes that the violin can be tracked down too). In all cases limited quantities seem to be available, so I’d pounce on this if you’re interested.

Looking for a something with a bit less of a choking hazard? Why not check out the Ain’t Baroque store? Stickers! Magnets! Mugs! T-shirts! Angry violas! Terrible puns! Or in other words, everything you need for your entire holiday shopping list.

THAT’S IT!!!!!

It’s Christmastime, of course! And that is NO TIME FOR ARTISTRY, thank you very much.

Ha… I laugh every time. 😀

On a completely unrelated but potentially interesting note, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is offering 50% off all tickets until midnight for Cyber Monday purposes. Might behoove you to check that out, no?

Are your hands holding you back?

This can be fixed with a simple call to your carpenter. Oh, and you’ll have to hire a nervous guy.

The piano teacher is the enemy

I can’t be entirely sure, but I think this might be the greatest thing that ever happened.

In case you didn’t catch it, the plot here is about an evil piano teacher who imprisons non-piano-playing musicians and kidnaps boys to play his enormous piano. And this is the greatest part of the greatest thing that ever happened.

Although I’m pissed that my childhood piano lessons never included so much as a whiff of choreographed air piano battle instruction. How will I ever defend myself now?

Who says you have to choose between quality and quantity?

I don’t know if anyone’s come up with a term for this type of ensemble, but allow me to suggest “piano dodecahedron.”