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September? You can have it

Sit down. Please don’t be mad, okay? But… I’m taking September off.

Yes, all of it. AB is almost four years old and in that time the longest vacation I’ve taken has been two weeks. In 2010. So – it’s time to refresh! Recover! Re-evaluate! Rejuvenate! Renew! Other words that begin with re-!

The concert season is only just beginning; make sure you check out the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, and Strathmore websites to keep abreast of the latest concerts and events.

If you’re feeling bereft without me (and who wouldn’t?) you’ve got almost four years of archives to investigate!

Or you could listen to this playlist over and over. It’s practically the same as hanging out with me.


Oh. Um. Er. Um. Oh. Um.


The Feline Fine Symphony

I can offer no real justification for this video. But then, do you need one?

Some people, man…

An elephant never forgets how to play the piano

If only Saint-Saens had seen this. Carnival of the Animals could have been so much more LITERAL.

Sax, drugs, and symphonies

Care to add anything, Mr. Ed?

notfridaylolNo concert roundup this week because we’re in that late summer drought area where there are no concerts. I hope you will accept this humble substitution.

When the tuba is wearing a bowler hat, you know you’re in a good place

Is that a piccolo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Seems perfectly innocent to me

Bare Bones Concert Roundup

  • No Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert this week, not until the preview concert.
  • No National Symphony Orchestra concert until until Labor Day. Is it just me, or is it feeling unloved in here?
  • Okay, well, stuff’s still going down at Strathmore, at least. We’ve got another free summer outdoor concert tomorrow with a Spanish bagpiper. I didn’t even know there WERE Spanish bagpipers. I’ll be there! Oh, and there are a ton of ukulele workshops and performances all week. [ See the calendar! ]

Wow. That was short. Um…

Q. How do you fix a broken tuba?
A. With a tuba glue.
You’re welcome.

If you’d like your concert included in next week’s roundup, leave a comment or drop me a line.