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In the immortal words of Marvin the Paranoid Android

“Pardon me for breathing, which I don’t do so I don’t know why I bother to say it anyway, oh GOD I’m so depressed.”

I think I may have used that one before, but whatever. I don’t have time to worry about such things; I just got back from Walt Disney World and I will be spending the rest of this regular, humdrum, real-life week mere seconds away from bursting into tears. In an effort to combat this near-inevitability, here’s an absurd video in which pianists take off their clothes. You’re welcome.

A way to go (and away I go!)

Oh, hey guys! I was going to tell you something before today’s viola joke… let’s see, what was it…

I’m going to Walt Disney World! Again! Like that one time! And that other time too! And that time I kind of went but not really! I’m not crazy, honest.

A short trip this time, though; I leave this afternoon and will return on Tuesday with a Not Monday Video. Don’t forget to vote in the Composer Cagematch! Voting will still close on Saturday at midnight as per usual and Piotr and George need you. And make sure you’re following me on Twitter in case I find something musically interesting while I’m there (which I always do).

Anyway. Laugh:

Q. How does a violist’s brain cell die? Continue reading

A problem-free philosophy

Yes, I know, it seems like a gimmick, but I can assure you it ain’t no passin’ craze.

Funny Captions - Music Director Meerkat leads choir
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Pulsating with Gershwin

Speaking of current contender Mr. Gershwin, remember that epically awesome post about the “Rhapsody in Blue” segment of Fantasia 2000 I gifted to the world like two years ago? Of course you do; it was epically awesome. And now: here’s what it would look like as a live action sequence with the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat.

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day

Hi there! You may recall that, approximately one month ago, I was happy. I mean, I was in Walt Disney World. Six of one, half dozen of the other, amirite?

As per usual, I kept my eyes peeled for awesome musical occurrences, and, as per usual, awesome musical stuff occurred. Hit it, epicenter of joy!

This is what it looks like when you stand behind the marching band. They’re wearing coats because it’s January and the high was merely in the low sixties that day. It was rough, guys.

Mulch, Sweat, and Shears performs bandscaping. Men, I salute your pun.

What, your drumsticks don’t sport an Expedition Everest motif? Laaaaame.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Festival of the Lion King?

Over in Epcot’s Mexico we find Mariachi Cobre. They’re pretty sweet.

Today’s theme is: how performers look from the back. This, incidentally, is how the Voices of Liberty look from the back.

We happened to be there during the WDW marathon. These African drummers were hanging out by the course, playing for the runners as they passed. Your move, iPod.

Moroccan musicians at Restaurant Marrakesh.

These next two are just so that you’ll be jealous:

And this one is so you’ll be REALLY jealous:

Oh, Walt Disney World, I do so love you. When can I move in?

Composer Cagematch! Round 2: Saint-Saens vs. Grieg

Have you been paying attention? If you have, you know that I’m leaving for WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!! tomorrow (the answer to your question is: this is my eleventh time). Two things can of course be taken for granted — I will a) be tweeting about my musical findings all throughout the trip (so follow me now!) and b) I’ll tell you all about it when I get back, which in this case will be on Tuesday, January 10.

But never you fear — I’m leaving you with a babysitter. Two, actually, because with the holidays out of the way [sad face goes here] we can return to our Composer Cagematches!

(Perhaps you are thinking, Jenn, whatever happened to the most recent match? To which I say: shhhhh. We don’t want to make Shostakovich feel worse than he already does and Bartok’s head is big enough. Okay? Okay.)

And so in this corner, he ain’t afraid of no Soviet Republic! It’s


And in this corner, he’s so literal about Herzwunden! It’s


So who would you like to see die — Ase or a swan?

We’ll take the road before us and sing a chorus or two

There are classical arrangements of Christmas songs, but for the most part no real classical Christmas songs. Well, except maybe “Greensleeves” if you’re asking Holst.

Sorta kinda not really but yes exception: Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride.” Anderson is a composer and American institution, no? So here’s a Disney rendition straight out of my childhood, as each year my brother and I would fight over how early was too early to watch the Christmas Sing-along-songs tape. (My opinion: September = fair game.)

Tut tut, it looks like rain!

I promised this for a rainy day (and as a bonus, fogging like nobody’s business), and as it’s raining over here, enjoy your “Bumble Boogie.” Try not let the piano get you!

Also, this reminds me of the time I decided I was going to swing a Vivaldi violin concerto. My teacher was not amused, but then I never liked that jerk anyway. Swing it, R-K!

Morning — now in color!

When Disney premiered this Silly Symphony, it was a massive, technicolor deal — as in, first winner of the Animated Short Subjects Oscar. Enjoy!

Every truly cultured music student knows

… that, as you may explain to your students, fair music teachers: you must do your scales and your arpeggios. And don’t forget to admonish them to feel the music ringing from their chest and not their nose.

I love that the little gray kitten’s name is Berlioz.