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Cheap as free!

Let it not be said I am not a girl of my word: I said if you did the poll I would come up with some tickets, and by God I have! I have 10 sets of tickets (two per person, in other words) to give away to next Thursday’s Circus Maximus BSO concert at Strathmore at 8 pm (that’s March 18, in case you weren’t sure). In the interest of fairness and expediency, I’m going with a simple raffle. Just send me an email with the header “Circus Maximus Tickets” and your name in the body to bsointern@bsoatstrathmore.org by Monday, March 15. Winners will be contacted on Tuesday morning.

Now, there is no way for me to know for certain whether all entrants did in fact respond to the poll, so we’re working via the honor system here. So before you enter, fill it out, please? And don’t forget the addendum. It’s just not fair otherwise, and I hear you’re the fairest in all the land.

Oh, if you’re more toward the Baltimore end of the metropolitan area and you’re thinking “Strathmore’s too far!!!!” and then bursting into tears, don’t be such a drip. 100 to 95 to 495 and then like two stoplights and you’re there. You seriously can’t screw it up, and I know this to be true because I’m practically a professional at getting lost and I got it right first try. So there!

I found it!

I know I promised this yesterday… Wait, did I promise it for today? Then I’m right on time! But it might have been yesterday, in which case I apologize. Either way I’m covered.

Anyway, my point is that I finally figured out where the Messiah contest from The Baltimore Sun lives! Click here to enter to win two tickets to the upcoming BSO Messiah concert at the Meyerhoff on Friday, December 4th. If you can’t go, you can always give them to a friend as an early holiday gift. Nobody doesn’t like Handel, and that’s a true story.

And hey, since I’m helping you out with all these awesome contests and potential freebies, why not do me a solid and subscribe to the blog? The posts go straight to your inbox and you’re relieved of the burden of studiously checking up on the page; meanwhile, I have concrete proof that I’m being seen, which will look extra pretty when it comes to time to analyze for my thesis. You don’t want to ruin my thesis, do you? I thought not. Subscribe now!

I have all the answers!

I really do! All the answers to the Drop the Needle contest, anyway. Which are the only ones that count.

  1. Mozart, Symphony No. 41, “Jupiter,” 1st movement
  2. Dvorak, Othello Overture
  3. Satie, Parade, “Petite fille Americaine”
  4. Barber, Adagio for Strings
  5. Stravinsky, Pulcinella, VIII: Allegro Assai

We’ll probably be holding another similar contest sometime after Christmas, so keep your ears open!


Don’t forget to enter the Drop the Needle and Name That Tune contest by November 18th at 11:59 EST! I hear Jean-Yves Thibaudet blew everyone away last weekend and this weekend should be no different. After the concert there’s free food, $1 beer and other drink specials, door prizes, and BSO musicians rubbing elbows with the hoi polloi. Oh, and I’ll be there!

If you’ve looked at the contest but feel too lost to try, don’t give up! Here’s a hint that’s more explicit than ever before: every single clip can be heard somewhere on the BSO website as they are all part of the 2009-2010 season. If all else fails, click your way through the concerts and match them that way.

Enter now!

Come on with the rain; I’ve a smile on my face!

Good morning, campers! Or technically afternoon. No matter. I am feeling quite obnoxiously cheerful this morning, bad weather or not. Mostly this has to do with the fact that I’m working 11-3 today instead of the usually 9-1, so I got an extra hour and fifteen minutes of sleep last night. And then when I got to my cubicle, Benevolent Dictator Jamie had a latte waiting for me from Starbucks, and it was in a holiday cup. A good morning indeed.

It was pretty weird walking up to the Strathmore building feeling awake and admiring the architecture and what not — as a general rule, I drag myself up to the building in a cloud of rage and Garfield style morning-hate that I am far too exhausted to express outwardly.

I just finished adding a bunch of links to the Cultural Roots site, on the Local Cultural Events, the Cultural Organizations and Venues, and the Discover Your Roots pages. So if you’ve a yen to do some genealogical digging or need to find something to do this weekend, I’ve got you covered. I hear it’s Irish Weekend.

Don’t forget to enter the Drop the Needle and Name That Tune contest to win BSO College Night tickets — we’re already starting to get responses, and the early bird gets this metaphorical worm!

Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a delicious turkey, spinach, and cheese sandwich with my name on it.

It’s real!

Hey, remember that drop the needle contest I was hinting at a while back? Well, it’s real and it’s live! You want to go here and you want to go right now, because it affords you the opportunity to win two free tickets to the upcoming college night on November 19th. The concert is Thibaudet Returns, and as my friend Bekah said, “Symphonie fantastique? I’m in!”

All you have to do to win is listen to the five sound clips on the page and identify them by composer, title, and movement (if applicable). Every single clip is from the BSO’s 2009-2010 season, so if you dig around in the concert calendar long enough you’ll find all the answers.

Once your list is compiled, send it to collegenight@bsomusic.org; the first three people to reply with the most correct answers by November 18th at noon EST will each receive a free pair of tickets. Even better: the first person to get all five correct will also win a $10 iTunes gift card. Not too shabby.

So yeah. Head on over to the contest page and start identifying clips! Or, if you’re too busy or antsy or want to be 100% certain you’ll have tickets, purchase them here.

King of kings, three ways

This is a story of girl meets hot chocolate, girl drinks hot chocolate, girl is out of hot chocolate and is sad. But all is not lost, for Benevolent Dictator Jamie brings girl MORE hot chocolate, and balance is restored to the universe.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up about another free ticket opportunity upcoming. I don’t have the link yet as I only just finished the revised copy, but The Baltimore Sun posts periodic contests wherein you fill out a form to be entered to win tickets to the BSO. The next one is for tickets to the December 4th performance of Handel’s “Messiah” oratorio (I’m sure you know the one).

The contest goes live on November 18th; I’ll post a link on that date.

Incidentally, I’m sure I’ll speak about this more as we approach Christmas (which is getting closer and closer! Isn’t it awesome?), but if you’re in the market for a “Messiah” concert, the BSO has no less than three to choose from. We have:

The straight up “Messiah,”

The Community Sing-Along “Messiah,” and

Too Hot to Handel (The Gospel “Messiah”)

Pick your favorite! Oh, and if you want to participate in the sing-along, you should probably register immediately. I understand people will literally line up around the block for these sing-along “Messiah” tickets.

Music history flashback!

I have been challenged to create a contest for Twitter/Facebook/etc. to promote college nights, with the winners receiving free tickets to the aforementioned. The details aren’t all entirely ironed out, but I will tell you that it will more than likely be a “drop the needle” sort of thing, with all the music clips from works from the BSO’s 2009-2010 season. There may even be an extra prize for the first person to get them all.

The clips will range from pretty ridiculously easy to rather difficult indeed, so I recommend you start studying now.

A cage match in your mind

Fact: Marin Alsop is now in the final round of Baltimore Celebrity Smackdown as proctered by the Baltimore Sun. This is all well and good and I am quite pleased that the BSO and its conductor are getting such delightful press, but is anyone else disappointed that said smackdown is not accompanyed by claymation deathmatches? Because I am. What kind of smackdown is this? A purely metaphorical one? LAME.

Nevertheless, it is our own dear Marin and we must support her. As such, vote for her here with all speed, and possibly vote often if I understand how this works. Personally, I think she should have this thing locked up. I didn’t even know Stacey Keibler was from (in?) Baltimore, I vaguely think Tom Tasselmeyer might be some sort of journalist or radio announcer or sportsperson or… something… and I never did finish Anne Tyler’s Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant. Alsop for the win!

A note (hah!)

Hey! If anyone actually goes as Schroeder for Halloween, or Bach, or Beethoven, or Britten, or whomever, send me the picture! I’d love to post it. Heck, no guarantees, but maybe we can rustle up a prize for the best one. 🙂