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It’s Easter Monday, Charlie Brown!

I don’t know why this is, but every time I think about the music Snoopy and his bunny friends dance to in the Easter Beagle special, I am convinced it’s from the first movement of Beethoven’s seventh symphony. And then I actually listen to it and I know I’m wrong, I know it, but for some reason it sounds like it ought to be in there anyway. And so because it is Easter Monday but you probably have to work like me, and because I shoehorn Beethoven into places he isn’t, and because if you don’t smile at the sight of Snoopy dancing with bunnies you officially have no soul — EASTER BEAGLE!


Because whoever heard of a man named Camille?

Everyone knows about my extreme loyalty to Disney, but I gotta say, Warner Brothers sure has done classical music proud. Ya got your golden magic slingshot, your three little pigs, and now a, shall we say, singular production of Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. Which, if you didn’t know, he was rather ashamed of. I wonder if this is why?

Tut tut, it looks like rain!

I promised this for a rainy day (and as a bonus, fogging like nobody’s business), and as it’s raining over here, enjoy your “Bumble Boogie.” Try not let the piano get you!

Also, this reminds me of the time I decided I was going to swing a Vivaldi violin concerto. My teacher was not amused, but then I never liked that jerk anyway. Swing it, R-K!


Q. How is a violist like a SCUD missile?

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Oh, it was some composer or other

Good news! I am not, as it turns out, completely insane. I am only partially insane.

Remember in May of 2010 when I complained about my inability to locate a Silly Symphony about the three little pigs set to Dvorak? (Of course not; refresh your memory.) Well, I have discovered a possibility for that: it wasn’t a Silly Symphony and it wasn’t Dvorak. Haha. Oops.

Whatever. Disney/Warner Bros, Dvorak/Brahms; practically interchangeable, right?

Morning — now in color!

When Disney premiered this Silly Symphony, it was a massive, technicolor deal — as in, first winner of the Animated Short Subjects Oscar. Enjoy!

Long-hairs, long-ears, same difference

Some things need no introduction.

William Tell walked around the corner and he walked around the block and he walked right into a donut shop

I was going to post the Silly Symphony with the Three Little Pigs because my memory insists that at one point the wolf dances to one of Dvorak’s Hungarian Dances, but upon repeat viewing I found I was making stuff up. Or maybe I missed it or watched the wrong one.

Luckily Disney never fails me, and I can instead offer you this 1935 cartoon of Mickey leading one heck of a sophisticated band concert.

I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of hot dog carts in concert halls, don’t you?

Kill the wabbit!

Perhaps you recall this Monday video post from awhile back, wherein the cartoon Hey Arnold! parodied Bizet’s Carmen, plus a little bit of Wagner. At one point, Helga threatens Ruth with her “golden magic slingshot;” Jerrold replies, “I thought it was a spear and a magic helmet!”

This is why.