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Bare Bones Concert Roundup

  • No Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert this week, not until the preview concert.
  • No National Symphony Orchestra concert until until Labor Day. Is it just me, or is it feeling unloved in here?
  • Okay, well, stuff’s still going down at Strathmore, at least. We’ve got another free summer outdoor concert tomorrow with a Spanish bagpiper. I didn’t even know there WERE Spanish bagpipers. I’ll be there! Oh, and there are a ton of ukulele workshops and performances all week. [ See the calendar! ]

Wow. That was short. Um…

Q. How do you fix a broken tuba?
A. With a tuba glue.
You’re welcome.

If you’d like your concert included in next week’s roundup, leave a comment or drop me a line.

Composer Cagematch! FINAL ROUND: Hindemith vs. Schubert

Nature continues to operate under normal parameters, it seems. Continuing the theme of Not Surprised, allow me to report the Schubert beat Respighi. NO! But actually, Ottorino, good show; and man who can garner ANY votes in the face of Franz can hold his head up high.

And now… we come to… THE FINAL ROUND. Ladies and gentlemen…

In this corner, he’s got a C string and he isn’t afraid to use it! It’s


And in this corner, what he can’t do with a trout! It’s


I understand some of you might actual struggle with this one. Innnnnteresting. Now remember: it’s not who’s the objectively better composer. It all comes down to the guy you LOVE.

Easy (for you to say)

You know, Mr. Itzhak mothereffin’ Perlman, some things that are easy for you are hard for me.


Concert Roundup is Laughin’ at Clouds So Dark Up Above

  • No Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concerts until the season previews in a couple weeks.
  • We already know that Bugs Bunny likes to head to the symphony, and the National Symphony Orchestra confirms. Enjoy selections from famous classical cartoons as The Rabbit of Seville and What’s Opera, Doc? August 1 & 2 at Wolf Trap. [ See it! ]
  • But never mind that – the sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love! Let the stoooooormy clouds CHASE! Everyoooooone from the PLACE! Come on with the rain, I’ve a – wait, what were we doing? Oh, right NSO concerts. Would you believe they’re playing the score to Singin’ in the Rain in accompaniment to a screening of the film? August 3 at Wolf Trap. [ See it! ]
  • This week at Strathmore: Free summer outdoor concerts continue, Natalie Cole, guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela. [ See the calendar! ]

If you’d like your concert included in next week’s roundup, leave a comment or drop me a line.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my leitmotif

Only secret squadron members who have decoders can decode them.

This seems perfectly safe…

Concert Roundup Got Rhythm

  • Who doesn’t love Gershwin? NO WAIT DON’T ANSWER THAT I DON’T WANT TO KNOW. And neither does the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; their program this week is all-Gershwin, with big’uns like An American in Paris, Rhapsody in Blue, and more. July 25 at Strathmore; July 26 at the Meyerhoff. [ See it! ]
  • The National Symphony Orchestra continues to pound them out with multiple concerts at Wolf Trap over the next couple of days: Tchaikovsky‘s 1812 Overture on July 26; a patriotic program of GershwinCopland, and the Brubecks on July 27; and Broadway favorites on July 28. [ See it! ]
  • This week at Strathmore: Free summer outdoor concerts continue, plus outdoor concerts for kids. [ See the calendar! ]

If you’d like your concert included in next week’s roundup, leave a comment or drop me a line.

Composer Cagematch! Round 3: Schubert vs. Respighi

JUST KIDDING. Apparently we’re fresh out of surprises ’round these here blogging parts. John Williams never stood a chance against Hindemith, who took the match with ease. And that is the right and proper order of things. Clearly.

So we can turn away from that fight with light hearts, only to get them all bogged down again with another age old question (except maybe not really, assuming we really are fresh out of surprises). Regardless, in this corner, he has nothing bad to say about Ives because really, good show, mein Herr! And really, if anyone can afford to be generous it’s


And in this corner, he put the rah rah rah in opera! It’s


No, but actually, I like surprises. I do.

Me me me me (Carmen)

Um… hi. So… sorry about the whole going AWOL without notice thing last week. I was at a conference and had planned to throw you music jokes all week, but the work laptop I was given was so wildly ancient and ponderous to work with I just said the hell with it and went back to sulking about the San Francisco weather. Which is cold. If you didn’t know. Thanks to Matthew Hodge for rescuing me from what might have otherwise been a very lonely existence at the Wordfly party!

Anyway. Right. Apologies. Here’s a video to make it up to you. I think you’ll find it sufficient.