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Despite being the former digital marketing intern at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Jenn German does not like Mozart. Beethoven could've totally beaten him up. Also she has an arts management graduate degree from American University, but this changes nothing.
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September? You can have it

Sit down. Please don’t be mad, okay? But… I’m taking September off.

Yes, all of it. AB is almost four years old and in that time the longest vacation I’ve taken has been two weeks. In 2010. So – it’s time to refresh! Recover! Re-evaluate! Rejuvenate! Renew! Other words that begin with re-!

The concert season is only just beginning; make sure you check out the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, and Strathmore websites to keep abreast of the latest concerts and events.

If you’re feeling bereft without me (and who wouldn’t?) you’ve got almost four years of archives to investigate!

Or you could listen to this playlist over and over. It’s practically the same as hanging out with me.


Oh. Um. Er. Um. Oh. Um.


The Feline Fine Symphony

I can offer no real justification for this video. But then, do you need one?

Some people, man…

Unorthodox practice methods

Q. Why did the violist cross the road twice? Continue reading

Honor. Glory. Fantasia

You know how much I love Fantasia, right? Like, really love it? A lot? Okay, now that we’ve established a baseline, HOW COOL IS THIS?!

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Here’s more info on the video game in question, Fantasia: Music Evolved.

On a completely different and much less impressive note, I would now like to do something I haven’t done in quite some time: award a Medal of Violar. Tom Sharpe has been commenting on posts with his own puns, quips, and bad jokes, and that’s the kind of can-do spirit we here at Ain’t Baroque like to see. And we here at Ain’t Baroque consists of a girl and two cats who are also girls, so you know we’re hard to impress. Mr. Sharpe, please let me know how you would like your medal engraved, which is to say, how you’d like to be listed on the Medal of Violar page.

Composer Cagematch!: Your Victor

To review!

1. Williams vs. Goldsmith
2. Delibes vs. Respighi
3. Vivaldi vs. Schubert
4. Puccini vs. Sullivan
5. Barber vs. Ives
6. Vaughan Williams vs. Hindemith
7. Reich vs. Cage
8. Boulez vs. Webern

1. Webern vs. Hindemith
2. Cage vs. Williams
3. Respighi vs. Puccini
4. Schubert vs. Ives

1. Hindemith vs. Williams
2. Schubert vs. Respighi

1. Hindemith vs. Schubert

Italics denote winner

And now, prepare to be truly shocked and amazed, because the winner is…

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An elephant never forgets how to play the piano

If only Saint-Saens had seen this. Carnival of the Animals could have been so much more LITERAL.

Sax, drugs, and symphonies

And yet somehow new generations keep cropping up

Q. How many violists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Continue reading