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I got rhythm, Titus!

Quite the array of BSO concerts this week. You’re going to want to go grab your teenagers, or borrow a neighbor’s. Go ahead; I’ll wait.

Got ’em? Great! I had you get them early because the first concert on the docket this week is “All Gershwin,” and parents, if you haven’t beat a love of Gershwin into your kids with a sock filled with nickles, you’re not raising ’em right. Anything Gershwin is of course solid gold, but as a bonus the program features the incomparable Rhapsody in Blue. See it on Thursday, July 28 at 8 pm at Strathmore and on Friday, July 29 at 7:30 pm at the Meyerhoff.

But then on Saturday, July 30 at 7:30 pm at the Meyerhoff, an abrupt left turn. Take it away, BSO web site:

Join the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for an exhilarating experience that combines music by Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, with graphics from the wildly popular Final Fantasy series.

Grammy Award winning conductor Arnie Roth leads the BSO and The Handel Choir of Baltimore while stunning video graphics from the popular game series are projected above the stage. The concert will feature music from Final Fantasy I through XIV, including select music by FINAL FANTASY XIII composer Masashi Hamauzu and new scores by Nobuo Uematsu from the latest release, FINAL FANTASY XIV.

$100 and $150 premium seating includes a post-concert meet and greet with Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu.

I had you grab a teenager 50% to get them to come, 50% to explain to you what’s going on. No, no, I kid. I bet you’ve got mad Xbox skillz. Wanna play multiplayer Red Dead Redemption later?

And now I bring this post to its logical conclusion. Wait for it… wait for it…

Who could ask for anything more?

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Despite being the former digital marketing intern at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Jenn German does not like Mozart. Beethoven could've totally beaten him up. Also she has an arts management graduate degree from American University, but this changes nothing.


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