ain't baroque! :||
Don't Fix It

“Piss off, you cellists! Stop following me in the forest!”

After all those pop covers, let’s cleanse the palette with a complete original, shall we?

Here we have Eddie Izzard on horror movie soundtracks, which invariably warn us that Something Bad is About to Happen, and he reveals cellists to be the stalkers that we all know they are, bless their bass-clef hearts.

I’m fairly certain Eddie is not the first to riff on this subject, but it’s still an interesting discussion point: if you could have some poor overworked composer soundtracking your life like mad as you lived it, would you? Or would it give too much away? Could there be such a thing as too much music?!

About Jenn

Despite being the former digital marketing intern at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Jenn German does not like Mozart. Beethoven could've totally beaten him up. Also she has an arts management graduate degree from American University, but this changes nothing.

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