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Good afternoon! May I assist you with a viola joke today?

This one comes from an article from the Seattle Weekly. It is entitled “Viola Envy.” Sure, why not.

Ten-year-old Susie comes home from her first day of school all excited.

“Mommy, Mommy! The music teacher is going to give me lessons. And look—he gave me a viola to play. See? Isn’t it pretty?”

“That’s very nice, dear. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

The next day, Susie again comes home full of excitement.

“Mommy, Mr. Jackson showed me how to play four notes in first position on the C string!”

“That’s nice, dear.”

The next day: “Mommy, Mr. Jackson showed me how to play four more notes on the G string!”

“That’s very nice, dear.”

On the fourth day, 5 o’clock rolls around but Susie still hasn’t come home; 6 passes . . . 7. Her mother is frantic. She calls the police, Susie’s friends—no word at all. Finally, at 11:30, Susie comes home carrying her viola case, exhausted.

“Susie, where have you been? Daddy and I have been worried sick! Are you OK?”

“Sorry, Mom. I know I should have phoned, but I got a last minute call to sub with the Philharmonic.”


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Despite being the former digital marketing intern at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Jenn German does not like Mozart. Beethoven could've totally beaten him up. Also she has an arts management graduate degree from American University, but this changes nothing.


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