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The best use of the word “ergo” you’ll read today.

I would like to preface this holiday shopping post with a graphic:

Hot, right? I thought so. And I made it all by my lonesome! Well, mostly. I had to respond to a few edits. Put 99.9% of it is mine! You can see it in the bottom left corner in the rotating box on the main page.

Pretty much says it all, too. Music lovers love music. Ergo, music lovers would be pleased to receive music as a gift. The BSO recently garnered a Grammy nomination for their recording of Bernstein’s Mass, and I dare say your larger percentage of music lovers love Bernstein. I know I do! It’s very Bernstein-y, too, very rhythmic, and not necessarily what you’d expect from a mass. Or anyway I didn’t.

To hear clips from the work and purchase, click here!

How about a round of Make Fun of Jenn?

Yesterday I sat through my very last final for grad school ever, and consequently (I hope) school ever. Now all I have to do is complete my capstone and slog through comps, and I am degreed!

And so, in honor of this occasion, I would like to give you an opportunity to laugh at my ridiculousness. But it’s musical ridiculousness so it should be okay.

Yesterday, in a bid to burn myself a CD that would entertain me on the drive into DC for school, I purchased the original Broadway cast recording of The Lion King. Early on in this CD is a track entitled “The Morning Report,” wherein Zazu informs Mufasa what’s up with his kingdom using a series of terrible puns (“Chimps are going ape; giraffes remain above it all,” etc). It is by consequence entirely up my alley.

One of these lines is “We haven’t paid the hornbills.” I heard this the first time and thought, hahaha! They haven’t paid the hornbills! They haven’t paid the musicians! What a sly dig at Broadway! That’s hilarious!

It wasn’t till about, oh, the fourth or fifth listen that I realized: they haven’t paid the hornbills.


The all-around very good sport Seiji Ozawa will conduct

I haven’t watched Sesame Street in years, but I can only hope that it’s as rife with appearances by classical musicians. As it is we could probably spend a year of video Mondays just on the Sesame Street classical bits of my memory. Here’s a classic Pretty Great Performance!

My favorite parts are when they cut to Seiji Ozawa; he looks SO serious.

An excellent accessory to your musicookies

And now a holiday gift for the multitalented musician who also bakes.

I found this buried in a page of random nifty products (seriously, if you’re not on StumbleUpon, how on earth can you waste your time properly?)

They’re mixing spoons! They’re drumsticks! They’re drumming spoons! Turn your kitchen counter into a percussion section! Great for kids; bonus points if the kids belong to very prim and quiet people who dislike loud noises.

Mix Stix seem to start around $9.99, but for exact pricing and vendors and such consult this Google list.


I spent most of yesterday afternoon doing viral promotion (in other words, sending out random emails to groups that seem like they might be interested) for the BSO’s Forte program, and it occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on the blog. I could be wrong about that, but I’m sure I’ve never delved into detail, so how about an overview?

Forte: BSO Friends Under Forty is… uh, a program for concert goers under forty. Specifically they are referred to as “young professionals” under forty, but regardless of how you think of yourself, if you’re under forty you’re in.

The program starts with ticket discounts to certain concerts, after which there’s a party. You know, food, drink specials, door prizes, hanging with BSO musicians, the usual. Much like college night, really, only you don’t have to be a student. The food, therefore, is generally pretty awesome. Just saying.

If you’re interested, click here to learn more and purchase tickets. You can also check out the Forte Facebook group and the Forte Twitter feed. The next Forte concert is the Holiday Spectacular on December 18th, and if you ask me, nothing says “young professional” like tap-dancing Santas. True story.

I didn’t even know that such a thing as a jazz organ existed

This week’s BSO concert is Too Hot to Handel: The Gospel Messiah. Naturally.

If you’re anything like me, your reaction to this title was “…?” WBAL to the rescue. They’ve posted a clip of a Too Hot rehearsal, as well as an article about the same which includes pictures. Watch, read, look, and be enlightened.

Or if you prefer, try this article from The Gazette. That Marin Alsop is a crafty lass, to be sure.

There’ll be a performance at the Music Center at Strathmore tonight at 8 pm, and at the Meyerhoff one tomorrow at 8 pm and then on Saturday morning at 11 am. To purchase tickets, click here.

Happy Thursday!

Q. When do violists usually change their strings?

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Take a break; eat a cookie

Dear coordinators of the Peabody Institute’s winter concert:

Your concert last night, in which my brother was playing the viola (I know, right? Ha!), began at 8 pm. My train home from AU pulls into the BWI station at about 9:40, at which point my dad picks me up. My parents informed me they would probably be a little late, but would call when they were leaving. Until this time, I was to hang out in the station lounge. This closes at 10 pm.

My dad didn’t even call to tell me they were leaving Peabody – and please note you guys are in downtown Baltimore, at the minimum 20 minutes away – until 10:23 pm.

Yes, Peabody, your winter concert was almost 2 and a half hours long. Dude, BSO concerts usually clock in under 2. If I had not happened to be talking to my friend Elizabeth while on the train and made arrangements for her to pick me up so we could hang out, I would be VERY PUT OUT WITH YOU, Peabody. But since Elizabeth is a magnificent human being, you have been spared my ire. Indeed, to prove I bear you no ill will, here’s the recipe for the cookies that we made while watching Singin’ in the Rain, which occurred during the time that I WOULD HAVE BEEN STUCK ALONE IN THE FREEZING RAIN IF NOT FOR HER, PEABODY. ARE YOU LISTENING?!




(excerpted from an anonymous clip out of Elizabeth’s mom’s recipe box,
so in other words I have no idea from whence this originates)

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Pay special attention if you live in Seattle

Further adventures in holiday shopping for music people!

Another item from the Strathmore gift shop, Benevolent Dictator Jamie and I once spent a good ten minutes squealing over these, trying them on, dejectedly rejecting them for being too big for our tiny feet (they only had size 8 in stock) and then wandering off in a cloud of sorrow.

At $55, these rain boots will run you a pretty penny, but they’re SO CUTE. Look at them!

I know, right? Adorable! I may get a pair for my mom. And/or myself – the beauty of the interwebs is that more sizes are available. They only appear to have whole sizes, and do believe they tend to run large; B. D. Jamie tried on the 8s and found them just a trifle floppy, and I think she said she’s a 7? She may correct me on this, but at any case if you’re concerned I’m sure the seller would be thrilled to assist you.

I think there are a few pairs still in the Music Center gift shop, so you can pick them up there, but if you need a different size or prefer the convenience of the internet, click here for a Google listing.

I’m on to you, Johnny

All right, so I found the following image through StumbleUpon and I don’t know who made it; if anyone out there can identify the artist, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the post. Regardless, I think it a fitting opener to our discussion, don’t you?

Ballin,’ indeed. John Williams certainly has any amount of balls in the modern sense, viz, he’s as brazen as all get out. In short, he is a thief! J’accuse!

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